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Identify what drives your company's engagement levels and take action to increase employee satisfaction.

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Enhance employee engagement with actionable insights.

Measure engagement on a daily basis and track the effects of changes over time.

Get a continuous flow of metrics

Leave annual engagement surveys behind and get an accurate snapshot of engagement levels on a daily and monthly basis. Understand the true sentiment of your employees and take timely action to increase engagement and drive positive change in the workplace.

Erudit measures engagement from real-time data.

Understand your workforce

Knowing which engagement level most employees are in each day keeps your finger on the pulse and also helps you take appropriate action. This can lead to more innovative ideas and impactful initiatives that improve collaboration, motivation, and team dynamics.

Learn more about the Department Dynamics feature.

Unlock each team’s full potential

Make sure you’re driving the right engagement initiatives for the right teams. With Erudit, you can compare departments and identify which ones need more support and targeted engagement initiatives, so you can support leaders and create better teams together.

Get monthly Insights Reports that dive into each team.

Harness the power of data

Make sure your team is truly engaged and productive. Erudit combines the expertise of data scientists and organizational psychologists to help you identify what drives your company's engagement levels so you can take necessary action.

Get to know the AI that prioritizes anonymity.

Track metrics

Get accurate engagement in real-time with AI

Boost engagement

Improve employee engagement levels

Enhance work culture

Be a 'Best a Place to Work'


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