high-performing organisations

One simple, powerful, cost-effective tool designed to help you rapidly move the needle on your top workforce challenges. It’s never been easier to get started.

Turn Insights to Impact:
From Analysis to Actions

Effortless Insights

Insights to enhance the employee experience

Unlock a better employee experience through effortless analysis. Access 35+ real-time metrics for a deeper understanding of workforce dynamics. Instantly spot improvement areas with an intuitive heatmap that breaks down insights by team, enabling timely support. This and more with real-time data, without employee surveys.

Leadership Effectiveness

Empower Leaders with the Timely, Relevant Support

Visualize insights on a user-friendly heatmap and filter data by department, demographics, or team leader. Understand the state of each team and provide managers with reinforcement to improve their work dynamics. Diagnose risks, identify areas for improvement, and pinpoint success factors for more effective and proactive leadership.

Tagging and Sharing

Deepen Workforce Understanding and Alignment

Elevate your analysis and workforce understanding by tagging specific events and monitoring their impact on your workforce. Share these insights with fellow people leaders to collectively improve decision-making and implement strategies that enhance the overall employee experience.

High-level Scan

Know What It All Means to the Business

Help executives understand your workforce's impact on the business without the need for time-consuming data analysis. Through the lens of organizational psychology but with a focus on meaning and impact, gain a high-level overview of how workforce sentiment is shaping the entire company.

Action Planning

Collaborate on Actions for Collective Success

Action is key to success! But we don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Erudit lets you target specific departments or demographics, tailoring your strategies to suit their unique needs. Plus, collaborate with other people leaders and managers to improve the employee experience together.

Success Tracking

Empower a Thriving Workforce with Precision

No more guesswork or wasted efforts! Set clear goals and objectives, work collaboratively, and track progress every step of the way. With real-time tracking of goals and KPIs, you can adjust initiatives with employee sentiment to foster a truly thriving workforce.