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The team behind the tech

Rick discovered software development at age 8 and fell in love with AI in 2014. Since then, he has not stopped researching and developing neural networks!

Ricardo Michel | Chief Science Officer

Alexandre started programming and coding games as a kid in the 80s and is now Erudit’s NLP expert, with a deep knowledge of human communication.

Alexandre Denis | Senior NLP Researcher

Claudia holds not one, not two, but three masters degrees! She’s earning her PhD on the use of AI to detect employee engagement.

Claudia García | Psychologist & Data Scientist

Joe holds a PhD on industrial and organizational psychology and specializes on how it intersects with with Data Science and NLP.

Joe Mayer | Senior NLP Researcher

Nuria holds a Masters Degree in Psychological Intervention and Mental Health and has also studied Big and Open Data.

Nuria Higuero | Psychologist & Data Scientist

Dani has a wealth of experience in AI and NLP! He even worked on a project with a special focus on medical research using AI techniques.

Daniel Amador | Senior ML Engineer

Lucinda is a research psychologist with a big heart and a love for big data and its analysis!

Lucinda Brown | Research Psychologist

Leaving survey data behind

Get workforce insights straight from real-time business communications.

Data Science

Our psychologists studied the limitations of surveys and other self-report methods when seeking to understand human sentiment. Data science reveals a new way forward!

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Real-time Data

Erudit's AI relies on real-time business communications data from platforms like Slack, G Suite, and Teams to analyze sentiment and provide insights on well-being.

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Semantic Analysis

Our AI team uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to train the AI to accurately measure sentiment from text.

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Actionable and unbiased insights

Erudit’s AI ensures anonymity and protection while giving you easy access to daily workforce insights.

Anonymize & Filter

Our people-first AI ensures anonymity of all data and insights. This anonymized data is then filtered, maintaining only the text that is relevant to well-being.

Annotate & Detect

Using deep learning models trained from psychologists’ insights, the AI detects burnout risk, engagement, and turnover risk from phrases.

Cluster & Report

Erudit then reports the levels of each metric by each team or department. Remember, all insights are aggregated by team and individual data is never revealed.

Build a happier workplace

Focus on designing high-impact initiatives that empower happier, more productive teams.

Erudit team enjoying their time together in a team-building

Always improving

Our psychologists, data scientists, and machine learning engineers are dedicated to the ethical development of our people-first AI.

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