No surveys, just Science.

Erudit uses cutting-edge AI technology to provide anonymous, unbiased people insights.

Real-time Data

The way we communicate reveals clues to true sentiment and wellbeing.

Communications Data

Erudit relies on communications data from Slack, G Suite, and Teams. Communications platforms are a large source of data by volume.

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Semantic Analysis

Erudit’s psychologists use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to train the AI to accurately detect wellbeing indicators.

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Organizational Psychology

Erudit's team of psychologists, data scientists, and machine learning engineers are constantly validating and improving the AI based on new findings.

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AI Process

Erudit’s AI is continuously improved by experts to give accurate, real-time metrics and analysis.

Anonymize & Filter

First, the AI ensures anonymity. Data is also filtered to remove noise and maintain relevant messages.

Annotate & Detect

Using deep learning models trained from psychologists’ insights, the AI detects burnout risk, engagement, and turnover risk from phrases.

Cluster & Predict

The AI performs semantic clustering to group messages with a similar meaning. A cluster becomes a topic when it has a significant impact on employees.

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Always learning

Our psychologists, data scientists, machine learning engineers, & AI experts continually improve our people analytics software.

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