Boost employee engagement

Empower your teams to thrive with real-time engagement levels and insights powered by a people-first AI, not surveys.

Finally, get real-time engagement updates to know if initiatives are working
(and how to improve).

Create meaning at work with actionable insights.

Make every initiative count. From investments in your physical workspace to managerial training—know the impact of your people initiatives.

See trends and track daily engagement and sentiment levels.

“Engagement” goes beyond time sheets and attendance. When employees are disengaged at work, their productivity tanks and motivation declines. See what’s fueling (or draining) teams.

Take action and celebrate progress.

Make the most of every people initiative with Action Plans. Set goals for your workforce or individual teams, then celebrate initiatives that move the employee-engagement needle.

Erudit’s people-first AI for HR


Do more of what keeps your
people showing
up everyday.

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