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Employee Engagement
Employee Wellbeing
Employees at work engaged in a conversation

A Key Role of HR: Fostering Employee Engagement

Understand HR roles for improving employee engagement. Know what it is, understand how it has evolved, and get practical examples!

Employee Wellbeing
Employee Experience
Employee Engagement
A business professional working from home and looking happy while doing a videoconference with her colleagues

10 Ideas to Keep Remote Workers Engaged

Learn how to increase employee engagement for your remote workforce. Explore these 10 tips to boost engagement for a happier, more productive workplace!

Employee Wellbeing
Happy coworkers having coffee

How to Beat Turnover from Recruiting to Retention

We sat down with Jennifer Paxton, co-founder of and former VP of Talent, and Michael Brown, VP of Global Talent at Snyk, to learn from their recruiting experience and identify the top insights to help organizations retain their best talent.

Employee Engagement
Group of engaged employees in the office working together

Employee Engagement Survey: Questions & Examples to Guide You

Make the most of your Employee Engagement Survey with these 25 questions and examples. Maximize employee feedback and discover opportunities to improve your work culture and overall employee experience.

Employee Wellbeing
Overcome Imposter Syndrome in the Workplace

How To Deal With Imposter Syndrome In The Workplace

In this article, we take a look at imposter syndrome and provide helpful tips and strategies for overcoming it. Let's work towards building self-confidence and embracing our unique talents and abilities.

People Analytics
Tech & AI
An evolution graph represented with gummy bear

The Power of Data Visualization: How to Transform Your Data and Analytics

Learn from Data Whisperer Christina Stathopoulos, MSc from Waze and Google, about the importance of transforming data into impactful visuals that truly inform decision making within your organization.

Employee Wellbeing
People Analytics
Employee Experience
Calendar changing from 2022 to 2023, welcoming the new year

2022's Top Lessons for People Leaders

As we end another year and attempt to start fresh, let's note down the lessons we learned in the past year. Keep these in mind to help you be a successful people leader in 2023!

Employee Wellbeing
Employee Engagement
A business professional shaking a hand of a coworker while smiling

How to Build a Work Culture of Trust [+ Slides and Videos]

Learn how to build a work culture of trust and improve employee experience with these tips from Notion’s Gabby Hoyos, Master in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Employee Wellbeing
Employee Experience
People Analytics
A business professional putting post-its on a board

Important HR Statistics to Keep in Mind for 2023

As you plan your HR strategy for 2023, make sure to keep these important statistics in mind.

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