Maximize the productivity of your workforce by improving their level of well-being with our SaaS for HR

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Improve your efficiency in recruitment and employees management process.

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Fast implementation process. Integration with all corporate system and tools.

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Easily manage HR data and enhance your knowledge of your team.

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Our deep learning algorithms provide a high level of automation.

Artificial intelligence technology

Each dollar invested in a well-being program generate $7 in healthcare savings

Our technology

The AI solution that takes care of your company

Measure the level of well-being of your workers with Erudit. Our AI-powered solution was designed to take the most out of data generated by the workforce during their daily routine.

The machine & deep learning algorithms we use provide a high level of automation with a low level of  maintenance, which allows your HR team to spend more time on what matters most.

Through “semantic personality analysis we automatically transform all that information into added-value reports about:

  • Individual competencies and abilities.
  • Potential skills or development needs.
  • Behavioural patterns. Actions and reactions.
  • Profile trends tracking user’s decisions, contents and emotions.


A happy worker produces up to 120% more

Our solution

Improve your team’s well-being

Our AI-powered SaaS transforms data generated in real time by your workforce into information that allows you to optimize processes which leads to saving time and money.

All this information will allow you to create a healthy work environment, boosting the productivity of your workers.

Erudit´s tool was designed to improve your team’s well-being.

It takes up to 50-60% of an employee’s annual salary to find a direct replacement

Engage your team

Turnover can be quite costly, summing up to a total of 90-200% of a employments annual salary.

If you have already have talent as part of your company, have the information you need so they don’t want to leave you.

With Erudit you have acces to burnout rates, soft and hard skills of your workers,  position fit and also see the level of match between the worker’s skills and daily tasks.

With all this information you will be able to made a one to one meeting with one employee or with all the team to motivate them and increase their engagement.

Without Erudit only 30% of the companies are able to fill a vacant role within 30 days

Find the perfect candidate

Are you looking for talent in the same single way and using the same sources and procedures as all your competitors? If so, how do you expect to differentiate yourself and be better than your competitors?

Our Ai powered SaaS transform data generated in real time by your candidates into prescriptive call to actions. It helps you find the perfect candidate that fits with your team and business culture in much less time than the average time-to-fill a position.


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Take advantage with our solution using tons of useful data that otherwise would be wasted.

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