Minimize turnover, reduce conflict and increase commitment

Erudit AI - Measure & predict the burnout & engagement in your workspace | Product Hunt
Understand how and when to help your employees.
Improve your company's culture and work environment.

Without using climate surveys or employee apps!

We leverage on your existing data to give you a competitive advantage by having company-wide insights on how your people are feeling in real time.

Our solution

Understand who is suffering from burnout, measure engagement levels, and act on frictions in the workplace before they escalate.

Have a better human approach

We help you focus on reducing turnover, retaining talent and increasing engagement.

Detect burnout

Detect and prevent burnout at early stages.

Take actions to cultivate a healthy work environment.

Increase engagement & Reduce turnover

Get insights on daily engagement levels in the organization.

Create the ultimate employee experience to retain your talent.

Improve communication

Get insights on frictions between departments, and the topics about the root of the problems.

Get your teams to communicate more effectively.

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How does Erudit AI work?

  • Our AI connects to your corporate communication tools and conducts semantic analysis that allows establishing the level of burnout, engagement and frictions between departments and employees, while taking care of your privacy.

    It continually learns and presents observations & recommendations to help managers make better, more precise, and continuously improved decisions.
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Our pioneer team of data scientists, psychologists, and engineers have researched, trained, coded and designed all of our neural networks.

Your data is completely safe

We meet your compliance requirements as no human intelligence has access to the conversations. You will only recieve the processed data in reports.
Erudit security program protects your organization and your data at all levels.
Certificates:  SOC 2 by AWS and GDPR in Europe.
We have a customized plan tailored to
your company's size
See which departments, teams, and individuals are on track and which need help.
Get burnout, engagement, and friction insights in real time.
Monitor trends over time and be able to anticipate to your team's needs.
Integration with more than 5 corporate communication tools.
Downloadable and shareable reports.