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Our team of passionate psychologists, data scientists, and tech experts developed a platform that maximizes your organic data (from Google Workspace, Slack, etc.) to help you reduce burnout, increase engagement, and improve employee retention.

Say bye to biased surveys! Get the authentic, real-time sentiment of your workforce so you can make data-driven business decisions for the long-term success of both your company and your employees.

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What are other professionals saying about us?

David Maren

Managing Director at Kin and Carta

"It helps you understand the culture of your organization. It helps you understand the perceptions circulating through the company. Which leader wouldn’t want to know if their people are unhappy and why?"

David Olson

Senior Client Partner at Globant

“During this COVID time, the workforce is very disconnected. You don't have the collaboration you had before. Erudit allows you to know and understand your employees’ wellbeing.”

Our Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked

How does Erudit AI work? What is Natural Language Processing?

Is the staff happy about this year’s bonus? Are employees affected by the the loss of a key client? Is Gina spiralling into a burnout and in need of a break? These are some questions and decisions that Erudit AI can help you answer by arming you with insights on your company, such as your team’s wellbeing.

How does Erudit AI work? To put it simply, Erudit AI sifts through your company’s communications channels and analyzes how employees communicate with one another to churn out insights on one’s burnout risk and work engagement levels, as well as friction or collaboration levels between team members. Erudit AI can also detect topics or themes that affect these Wellbeing Metrics so that you know how company news or issues are affecting the employees. All while protecting personal and company data privacy!

Want to get into more detail? Erudit AI uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), which is one of the principal applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of psychology. In particular, Erudit AI uses semantic analysis and an understanding of human language to produce measurable insights such as Burnout Risk, even before it reaches its tipping point, so that managers can focus on prevention.

Basically, the way you communicate, the words you use, and how you use them give the AI clues to your employees’ and your company’s condition. Our dedicated team of AI experts, psychologists, and data scientists developed (and continue to improve!) the AI to sweep through and analyze office communications to produce Wellbeing Metrics, and more.

Want to see how it works? Book a demo! Because, really, words don’t do justice to this cutting-edge digital solution. Let’s build a happier, more productive workforce together!

Natural Language Processing should not be confused with Neuro-linguistic Programming, also NLP, which is not supported by scientific evidence. On the contrary, there are studies that confirm the benefits of using Natural Language Processing in mental health fields.

Where does Erudit AI get the data? Is personal and company data privacy protected?

How many emails do you write a day? Are you active on your team’s Slack channel? Do you often shut your video off at a Zoom meeting?

In 2020 the quantity of voice and text generated by organizations through communication suites (Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Zoom, Slack, Google Workspace, etc.) increased to 315%, becoming a company’s central source of data. Erudit AI maximizes this by analyzing the data and churning out insights on burnout risk, work engagement levels, friction among team members, collaboration between departments, and more.

So instead of spending time and money on a company-wide survey, Erudit AI sifts through the company communications you create on the daily and automatically displays employees’ Wellbeing Metrics on your dashboard, in real time!

Are you concerned about data privacy? We’re proud to announce that Erudit AI complies with all legal data privacy standards in both the European Union and the United States of America and has independent legal delegates in charge of such compliance in both territories to maintain high standards for cybersecurity.

But how does Erudit AI keep your private data and company data protected? Messages and conversations are never read by human eyes. There is absolutely no human interaction with the raw data analyzed by Erudit AI. Plus, none of the raw data is stored. What is stored are the Wellbeing Metrics, which cannot be associated with a single individual. You can check our privacy policy here.

We make sure that data is encrypted to guarantee the highest level of security. And data at rest is secured using AES-256. Data is stored, backed, and protected by Amazon Web Services (AWS), which complies with PCI ,SOC, FINRA and ISO-27001 standards. Transport Layer Security protocol is used and OAuth 2.0 Protocol is also utilized to connect to third-party data providers, such as Google Workspace and Slack. We securely store the authentication token that is generated by the service when the employee authorizes access. And we discuss any data privacy issues with each company in detail before accessing the company server.

Still have doubts? Book a demo now and discuss data privacy with our team. We can’t wait to put your mind at ease so we can help you manage a happier, more productive workforce!

How can Erudit AI help me and my company?

Like you, we dream of a future where all employees and teams are happy, healthy, and thriving at work! Erudit AI empowers companies with Wellbeing Metrics and insights so they can design programs and interventions that improve employee retention.

Without having to conduct surveys and using only the data that your company already has on-hand, Erudit AI shows you:
- Employee Burnout Risk
- Employee Engagement Levels
- Friction among Employees
- Collaboration among Departments
and more!

With these Wellbeing Metrics, Erudit AI hopes to encourage creativity, compassion, and effective management strategies in building a happier, more productive workforce.

It seems that now, more than ever, companies need Erudit AI to improve job satisfaction and retain talent. In September 2021, the U.S. recorded its highest number of resignations ever--a whopping 4.4 million jobs!--in what is now nicknamed the Turnover Tsunami. Studies also show a spike in mental health issues during the pandemic era with 4 in 10 adults in the U.S. reporting symptoms of anxiety and depression in January 2021, a jump up from 1 in 10 just a year prior. In addition, ‘burnout’, which was an experience attributed mostly to the millennial generation, was reported to be increasing across all age groups. A study found that 52% of workers reported feeling burnt out in 2021.

It is our hope that Erudit AI empowers companies to maintain a happy, productive workforce and improve employee retention!

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How difficult is it to set up Erudit AI? How long does it take?

Plugging into Erudit AI is easy peasy. We make sure of it!

First, you need to connect your work productivity tools, like the Google Workspace, Slack, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. Erudit AI will automatically detect the employees in your system! Second, just select which employees you wish to track.

It only takes a few hours for the system to analyze and produce Wellbeing Metrics: Burnout, Engagement, Frictions, and more!

Want to explore the Erudit AI dashboard? Book a demo now!

Tell me about the humans behind Erudit AI.

The team behind Erudit AI is loaded with passionate artificial intelligence (AI) experts, psychologists, data scientists, and professionals that dream of an AI that encourages people to be more compassionate, more engaged, and more proactive in building healthy, happy, productive communities.

Our founders are Alejandro Martinez, an engineer and psychologist obsessed with human behavior, and Ricardo Michel Reyes, an AI guru and serial tech entrepreneur who developed his first app at the age of fourteen. Together, they form the yin and yang that hatched Erudit AI.

Our mission is to improve wellbeing, productivity, and performance in work environments by empowering managers with Wellbeing Metrics. With these metrics and insights, companies can ensure that systems, processes, projects, and policies contribute to the overall wellbeing of the staff. It is our dream to empower happier, more productive work environments grounded in healthy, motivating human interaction. We dream of an AI that inspires us to be more human; and we’re on our way to achieving it!

Join us on our journey to happier, more productive work environments. Book a demo now! There is so much we can learn and achieve together.


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