Diversity improves human relationships between employees and encourages creativity in the workplace. Diversity implies to having employees of different cultures, genders, races, tastes, professional skills, among others. Do you want to know the 4 main effects workforce diversity has on business performance? Keep reading!

1. Gain a broader perspective  

Having a diverse workforce with people from different communities and cultures, with a wide range of interests and ideas, is a great way to gain a broader perspective within the organization.

Many companies don't realize how a diverse workforce can bring in new insights and points of view. Even when managers assign employees to different projects, considering diversity can enrich the entire project. A study made by Gartner stated that:

By 2022, the 75% of organizations that adopt inclusive practices and strategies to promote a diverse culture will exceed their financial targets.

2. Promote creativity

When they have a team formed by people with similar perspectives and points of view, they can enter a cycle of the same ideas and conclusions. On the other hand, with cultural diversity, an organization is exposed to different preferences, interests, and contexts. This allows teams to generate new conclusions and solutions.

Diversity promotes creativity and thinking outside the box.

3. Increase productivity in your organization

As mentioned, diversity brings in different points of view and new ideas. This includes new ideas on improving work processes and different approaches to work.

The Gartner study mentioned above suggests that:

The average employee productivity is 12% higher in diverse organizations than in non-diverse ones.

4. Improve your organizational culture

One of the main effects of diversity promoting a positive, rich organizational culture.

Learning about other cultures and ethnicities from colleagues and being open to different points of view widens our perspectives and helps us think up new, interesting, potentially more effective solutions. Diversity also increases employee engagement as well as employee motivation.

To conclude, making a conscious effort to create a diverse workforce is not just good on paper. It also livens up and enriches the overall employee experience, motivates teams to think differently, and helps build a healthier, more productive, and more successful organization.

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