Forget climate surveys with Workforce Affinity.

Leave surveys behind and still get all the insights of a climate report from organic, real-time data.

It’s time we quit making decisions based on questionable survey data.


Decision-makers who think feedback is not actionable enough.


Considered a good response rate for employee engagement surveys.


Employees who believe that answering surveys is a waste of time.


Number of HR analytics tools that do not rely on survey data. (Clue: 1 word, 6 letters.)

Discover survey-free people analytics for data-driven leadership.

100% anonymized & aggregated.

  • The AI technology is designed to anonymize data so messages are never seen by human eyes.

  • Metrics are displayed per team and not individually to promote objectivity and reduce biases.

  • Beyond data privacy compliance, our policy prioritizes employee privacy over the managers’ desire for data. Erudit will always side with the employee.

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