Unearth company issues in Shockwaves.

When a theme of conversation gains relevance and impacts your workforce, it becomes a Shockwave.

Unearth the real issues affecting your people.

In Shockwaves, we go beyond gut feel and dive into real issues that impact your people.

U.S. Executives on Shockwaves

“This feature is very valuable to really understand the drivers of my team’s concerns.”

“Being able to understand employee concerns through Shockwaves and take action would be a great improvement.”

“Where have Erudit’s Shockwaves been all my professional life? I need them!”

An introduction to Shockwaves

When a theme of conversation gains relevance and emotional impact on employees, it becomes a Shockwave.

Listening is the first step to effective communication and better leadership.


Employees who think managers lack communication skills


Employees who feel their opinions don't matter to managers


Increase in motivation to perform when employees feel heard


Increase in productivity for teams who communicate properly

Privacy is a top priority.

  • We go beyond legal compliance and design our technology to prioritize the data privacy and confidentiality of each employee.

  • There is zero human interaction with employee data to ensure privacy and protection at all times.

  • We guarantee anonymity and data protection by never showing raw data and only showing aggregated metrics per team or department of at least 5 members.

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