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When Hawaiian shirt days and pizza parties fall short in boosting your workforce's productivity, it's crucial to turn to the best data available to truly understand the underlying issues.

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Best quality
workforce data

Access the most insightful workforce data in the industry, enhanced by our AI, meticulously developed by psychologists.

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Know what it all means to the business

Help executives understand your workforce's impact on the business without the need for time-consuming data analysis. Through the lens of organizational psychology but with a focus on meaning and impact

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Action planning to impact the business

Action is key to success! Erudit lets you target specific departments or demographics, tailoring your strategies to suit their unique needs.

Solve your most critical people challenges today

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turnover causes

Discover the real reasons behind employee turnover. Erudit's analytics unveil underlying factors, helping you address and reduce turnover effectively.

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Events that affect
your team

Stay ahead of events impacting team dynamics. Our tool identifies and analyzes key moments, ensuring you're always prepared to support your team.

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Your workplace
culture, unveiled

Gain a profound understanding of your workplace culture. Erudit's insights help you cultivate a positive, productive environment aligned with your organizational goals.