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Arturo Trapote


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Arturo spent three years in Law School until he realized that his passion was to be creative through words. He then studied Journalism and after spending several years working in Marketing, he joined Erudit, where he uses social media platforms to talk about the impact of burnout in employee engagement and turnover. 

Topics: Employee experience, future of work, work-life balance, collaboration, productivity

Talent Management

Latest articles by Arturo Trapote

Employee Well-being
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How to Beat Turnover from Recruiting to Retention

We sat down with Jennifer Paxton, co-founder of Smile.io and former VP of Talent, and Michael Brown, VP of Global Talent at Snyk, to learn from their recruiting experience and identify the top insights to help organizations retain their best talent.

People Analytics
Tech & AI
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The Power of Data Visualization: How to Transform Your Data and Analytics

Learn from Data Whisperer Christina Stathopoulos, MSc from Waze and Google, about the importance of transforming data into impactful visuals that truly inform decision making within your organization.

Employee Well-being
Employee Engagement
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How to Build a Work Culture of Trust [+ Slides and Videos]

Learn how to build a work culture of trust and improve employee experience with these tips from Notion’s Gabby Hoyos, Master in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Employee Well-being
Employee Experience
People Analytics
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Important HR Statistics to Keep in Mind for 2023

As you plan your HR strategy for 2023, make sure to keep these important statistics in mind.

People Analytics
Tech & AI
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaner, More Reliable Data for People Analytics [+ Tips from an Expert]

Looking to get started with data analytics? This step-by-step guide by a people analytics expert will help you clean and organize your data for reliable insights and more informed HR decisions.

Employee Well-being
Employee Experience
A business professional doing a videoconference with her coworkers

Managing the New Workforce after the Great Resignation [+ Slides and Videos]

Read insights from Sasha Townsend, Senior Recruiter at Slack, about how the workforce has evolved and the new challenges HR departments face amid the Great Resignation as told in Erudit’s free webinar series: ShockwaveTalks.