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Designate an “Owner”
for your Erudit account.

The owner is the person who will manage the platform and empower people leaders with workforce insights to create more productive teams.

Activate your Erudit acccount

Note: The owner will receive an email to create and activate the account. Fields by filled default are:

  • Full name
  • Email adress
  • Company name

You may also wait for our account configuration meeting to be guided by the Erudit support team.

Erudit account configuration

This step includes connecting communication tools as a data source and set up your organizational structure.

Connect communication Data

Connect your communication platforms by logging into your Erudit Account. Click the logo of the platform you want to connect, and follow the instructions provided.

Platform connection: Slack

Connect your Slack workspace:

  • Click “Connect Slack”.
  • Log in Slack with your User or Admin account.
  • Click “Allow” to give your consent.
Platform connection: MS Teams

Connect your Microsoft workspace:

  • Click “Connect Microsoft 365”.
  • Log in Microsoft with your Admin account.
  • Click “Accept” to give your consent.
Sync Organizational Structure
and Employee Data

Once your communication platforms are plugged in, it’s time to connect your HRIS to Erudit. This will sync your organizational structure and employee data with Erudit, clustering employees under departments and teams.

Remember that Erudit has a people-first data policy, which means the platform does not show individual data. All insights and metrics are aggregated per department, team, or chosen demographic.

Erudit Onboarding and
Platform Tour

Time to unleash the power of survey-free workforce insights and build a workplace where people thrive!

After the account configuration meeting and all the data has been processed, we’ll schedule a  kick-off meeting to tour the Erudit platform.

Invite colleagues you believe will benefit from Erudit. Remember, you can add as many users as you want to make the most of the workforce insights!

Introducing Erudit to your workforce

We created a guide to help HR and leadership teams introduce Erudit internally.