Introducing Erudit to your workforce

A guide for HR and internal communications teams

Erudit, like any AI tool, comes with its fair share of intimidation. We created a reference guide for HR and leadership teams to introduce Erudit internally (an optional part of your rollout plan). See below for suggested wording or conversation starters with your people managers.

Meet a new tool to improve employee experience initiatives

You’re investing in Erudit because you care about what matters to your people. Erudit gives leadership the tools to make a better culture for every employee, at the team and organization level.

You might say:

“As part of our mission to build a healthy, happy, and successful work environment, we are using an AI tool called Erudit to give management insights on each department’s well-being (without frequent surveys for you!). HR and people leadership will use these insights to keep a pulse on issues like burnout, turnover risk, and engagement—and address them head-on. This will be a valuable platform in your leadership toolkit.”

3 tips for a healthier, happier workplace with Erudit


Focus on understanding Erudit’s power is in the employee’s best interest.

Erudit helps management better understand employees (without having to constantly survey them) by providing 35+ real-time metrics such as burnout risk, engagement, and turnover risk. It also alerts people leaders to issues and the true sentiments of the company and each department.

  • Example metrics: Autonomy, alignment, meaningful work, peer relationships, professional growth, satisfaction, workload, rewards and recognition.
  • How it works: Erudit’s AI technology uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze daily company communications on Slack, G Suite, and Microsoft Teams and produce insights without compromising individual identity. Learn more about how Erudit’s AI works here.

Practice open communication between team members and with management.

Even with an AI tool providing real-time insights, it’s still important to strengthen communication lines between teams and management. Erudit does not provide individual information to managers.

For example, leadership can see if the engineering department is feeling burnt out after that last product push. It will not show that Sr. Software Engineer Kendra Smith is at risk for turnover.

Erudit empowers everyone, from introverted to outspoken team members, to use their voices and be heard. It’s what you do with the information that makes a difference.


Build trust and respect for the company without surveys.

Erudit is dedicated to data privacy. As mentioned, employee sentiment and trending issues from a team (5+ employees) or department view are never read at the individual level by human eyes.

Erudit empowers leadership to get a true pulse of their people and make better decisions for teams, and the workforce as a whole, without extensive interviews or intrusive VoE surveys.

Why replace or supplement surveys? Participation in surveys dwindles over time. They’re time-consuming for busy employees and leaders with enough on their plates. Surveys can also be biased, making it risky to rely on them for decision-making that impacts the whole company.

Contact your customer success representative with questions or feedback.