Erudit, a science-based AI software startup providing workforce intelligence for organizations, has garnered support from strategic partnerships in the United States. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, the promising startup now has five partners promoting their cutting-edge solution in their go-to-market phase: True Blue Partners, Ignite AI, SHOFI, 360bps, and Amphibia.

Among the five partners, two are headquartered in the U.S. and are enthusiastic about Erudit’s AI solution, which detects leading indicators within the workforce, such as burnout risk, engagement, and turnover risk through company communications, without the need for surveys.

Colorado Springs-based Ignite AI provides their clients with expertise and the best solutions to increase productivity and efficiency. They partnered with Erudit as early as April 2021 and added the product to their menu of offerings this year for clients who wish to better understand their workforce, improve engagement and productivity, as well as minimize cases of burnout and turnover.

Erudit’s new ally is True Blue Partners, who also chose to invest in the startup. Starting June, the PE and M&A firm from Silicon Valley hopes to introduce the AI trained by psychologists and machine learning engineers to their network of businesses.

Apart from the two partners based in Colorado Springs and Silicon Valley, Erudit’s other partners include SHOFI, the most recent partnership, based in Columbia but supports U.S. clients with solutions to work-from-home headaches, 360bps, a robust Mexico-based HR Consulting Company that has already brought in clients, and Amphibia, a consulting firm with clients in Canada and Mexico.

“We’re excited to empower business leaders with better data and analytics so they can make even better decisions that lead to success,” said Alejandro Martinez, CEO and co-founder of Erudit. “We’re grateful for our investors and partners that believe in the potential of our AI, which we developed with the insight of over 50 U.S. executives,” he added.

Erudit is also a member of The Good AI, as it goes the extra mile in addressing the issue of employee data privacy.

“AI is a powerful technology that Erudit has harnessed to build empathy and understanding in the workplace. We're proud to have Erudit as a member of The Good AI and are excited to support them as they grow and help define the future of work.”
Caroline Lair, founder CEO at The Good AI & co-founder at Women in AI