Erudit, an artificiaI intelligence (AI) software company providing workforce intelligence for c-level executives, has recruited an all-star team of psychologists and machine learning engineers to develop their never-before-seen AI technology.

In a recent interview with The Business of Business, Erudit’s Chief Science Officer and co-founder Ricardo Michel Reyes couldn’t help but gush about members of their AI department.

“We have a very experienced team in both psychology and in AI; and we validate a lot with real people and real companies. So you can be sure about the science behind our company,” said Reyes.

“We have a very well trained team working on the AI, with three PhDs of psychology, clinical psychology and data scientists, and machine learning engineers with two PhDs and one postdoc,” he added.

Erudit’s AI is trained to detect and measure levels of burnout risk, engagement, and turnover risk not from surveys, but from daily company communications like emails and chat messages. The technology works in the background to anonymize, annotate, and cluster the data to show users update, accurate, and unbiased metrics that cannot be attributed to individual employees.

“We take a lot of care with privacy so that no names are revealed,” Reyes stressed. Erudit even rehashes messages to generic topics to ensure anonymity while still letting executives know the issues that are affecting their organization.

Erudit is currently in its go-to-market stage and is beginning to pick up steam, sign partners, and attract clients. Their stellar AI team continues to document and publish their learnings on both the technology, such as this report about measuring burnout,  and in the field of organizational psychology, like this guide to becoming a best place to work.

“We're more than a technology based company. We're a science based company, right? So all the science is published on our website, and people can check,” affirmed Reyes.

Interested in joining the Erudit team? Check out our job openings here!