By investing in employee engagement tools like Lattice, you’re well on your way to understanding what makes A-players tick and how to motivate them. 

But is it possible that managers and leaders—even those with a sincere desire to listen—are missing burnout because it’s disguised as awesome performance? 

If your high performers are feeling disengaged, boost your current Lattice initiatives with Erudit. Wondering why you need both pieces? Let us show you. 

High performance ≠ employee well-being 

The onboarding honeymoon phase rarely lasts past the first performance review documented in Lattice. Instead of simply guessing what’s really going through the minds of new hires, companies need tangible insights. Up to 53% of high-performing employees are initially enthusiastic about their roles but eventually report burnout, especially when mental health declines or employee-employer expectations fall short.

Proactive beats reactive every time when disengagement compounds slowly and invisibly. Corporate burnout costs up to $100 million annually in the U.S., and work cultures that depend heavily on metrics are at the highest risk of paying a big price.

Measuring Employee Engagement

Lattice’s Employee Engagement Software offers important quantitative findings about your people and their daily work. In practice, this involves the following insights:

  • Daily experiences within the work environment (physical or virtual)
  • Sentiments about onboarding and offboarding
  • Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)
  • Surveys (anonymous or not)

Business leaders can and should use these measurements in some capacity, but a winning combination goes much deeper. Drawing tangible conclusions from behavioral analysis as events and conversations happen is the key to growing forward—without risking the inevitable burnout that comes with major performance goals.

When you rely on traditional measurement tools in a vacuum, high-performing team members often underreport honest experiences. Some employees even fail to express genuine feelings as a result of internal pressure. At Erudit, we know the value of capturing these raw sentiments in real-time to improve engagement with complete anonymity at the employee level.

As you manage your high-performing team, here’s what you’ll achieve when you add Erudit’s behavioral analysis to your existing engagement platform.

Go beyond basic surveys

Considering ditching qualitative feedback and VoE surveys because of traceability concerns? Maybe it’s time for something intuitive and different.

Moving beyond surveys is a game-changer for your work culture and internal employee relationships. In fact, your holistic approach to improving the employee experience doesn’t have to rely on traditional feedback tools.

As a manager, you’ll save time not having to hassle your workforce for clear or vulnerable answers. We’ve learned that investing successfully in your people doesn’t require redundant questionnaires or chasing follow-ups for the sake of a completion goal. In fact, up to 30% of employees find that surveys are a waste of their already limited work time anyway—yikes.

Build happier teams

When you incorporate Erudit, you’ll also have access to workforce intelligence that measures employee experience in real-time. This means that you’ll get a daily dose of employee sentiment and action steps for what to do next—especially when your people feel like they need extra support to be successful.

It’s here that you’ll find perfect alignment with employee engagement platforms because Erudit’s data drives a people-first mindset and approach to management. This supplements any insights within Lattice because you’ll be able to identify and track areas that require attention and improvement ASAP.

Lean into AI-powered insights

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about artificial intelligence (AI) in the corporate world lately. (And no, we’re not implying that a team of robots will soon be running your HR department.)

At Erudit, we’re leveraging a dynamic team of psychologists, data scientists, and machine learning engineers to build and deliver people analytics software that truly empowers leaders. When it comes to high-performing teams, this is where the magic happens. 

AI insights go beyond your gut—-they verify (or disprove) what you think you know about how those teams are operating. You’ll get access to granular details about workplace dynamics, points of frustration, workflow bottlenecks, and more. Results come from Natural Language Processing (NLP) which easily measures and analyzes sentiment from text in real-time—no awkward conversations required.

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How will Erudit transform your workplace?

As cheerleaders for workforce optimization, we’re thrilled that you’re already making moves to put employees first. We’re committed to making sure you can do just that in ways that are modern, intuitive, and powered by a human-first approach.

Erudit complements your current engagement platform and helps you make the following goals a reality.

Engage high-performing teams

Leaders who choose to measure employee engagement already care about listening to the voices of their employees. Erudit is about going a step further, into the transparent thoughts and communications that might otherwise go unnoticed by antiquated survey tactics.

High-performers could also have plenty of reasons to keep their heads down, focusing solely on the tasks at hand. Whether it’s worry over performance reviews or pressure to meet steep goals and requirements from investors, team leaders need to know what’s driving daily motivations or fears.

Improve remote-friendly cultures

In a post-pandemic world, remote-friendly workplaces are clearly here to stay. But research from Lattice illustrates that corporations are still figuring out how to make those work-from-home policies last in the long run.

Without physical face time, up to 72% of employees experience disconnection and 42% feel overlooked for their significant job wins, like promotions or salary increases. Unfortunately, employees might struggle to share these hard truths openly and honestly even though it’s crucial for team leaders to know.

Erudit allows you to pick up on these subtleties and cues as they’re happening—not after they’ve already spiraled into larger problems, like burnout and turnover. Reassurance, encouragement, and support are vital to a healthier employee outlook.

Keep “people-first” strategies in place

With Erudit, you can seamlessly add to your initiatives in Lattice to make people a priority. Metrics and employment data are a strong foundation, so why not build on that with research from trained behavioral experts? 

It’s a win-win scenario that helps you avert risk, avoid burnout, and intervene the right way. 

Enhance employee experiences

In order to grow and scale effectively, you must foster an attractive corporate culture. Happiness and productivity enable your people to build towards new growth goals (from an organizational standpoint) and accelerate to new job tiers (on a personal level). 

Erudit’s software is inclusive, unbiased, and non-obtrusive. This creates a winning combination for businesses and teams that move quickly but still want easy access to data that helps keep the momentum going.

Soon, Erudit users will also have access to a new function within the platform. Action Planning will allow you to identify some areas of improvement and provides suggested actions for those areas. You’ll be able to track the status and organizational impact of each. With this feature, owners and collaborators work together to achieve employee outcomes that drive and support people initiatives, including those in Lattice. This new solution will empower leaders to achieve and show results, helping prove the ROI of your teams.

Build trust

With Erudit, you won’t be asking your employees and high-performers for any special favors. In fact, there’s zero human interaction to ensure that it’s as seamless and respectful as possible. Erudit maintains anonymity, reduces bias, and protects each and every contributor.

Plus, we prioritize the value of employees first and foremost. Even though we recognize the need for management to gather data when they want it, our process never takes place to the detriment of any team or person.

We get it—having peace of mind is a priority, and security and compliance are non-negotiables. We’ll help you build and keep accountability with your teams while allowing you to find ways to honor their performance and support them on a clear path to success.

Erudit + Lattice = investing in people 

You’ve got the benefits, but now you might be wondering…how does it actually work? Erudit’s AI-powered integrations easily connect to your top corporate communications tools so that your teams can continue to work uninterrupted. 

  1. Use Erudit alongside communication platforms like Slack, Google Workplace, and Microsoft 365. 
  1. Get access to real-time sentiments from work conversations (with complete anonymization) and aggregated insights to prevent any individual employee from being singled out.
  1. Empower happier and healthier teams by identifying employee engagement percentages, burnout risk, and turnover risk.

In addition to the engagement data you’re already collecting through platforms like Lattice, you’ll get access to fresh sentiment metrics that are displayed per team. Erudit fully meets data compliance standards with high regard for employee privacy. Our third-party integrations ensure compliance with globally-recognized security standards, and you can track our continued progress toward SOC 2 accreditation.

Give Erudit a spin

If your best team members are at risk of burning out—or if you simply want to be proactive before they are—people-first AI for HR can help. Learn how Erudit complements and supports your existing employee engagement technology and see it in action.

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