Workforce Intelligence for Well-being

Measure well-being in real time to build a happier workforce.

Why should we invest in a healthier, happier workplace?


Annual cost of work burnout


Turnover can cost up to 2x the annual salary


Annual loss due to low engagement


Workers that would quit to join a more inclusive team

Erudit’s people-first AI can help.

  • Quick & Timely:  Get workforce insights in real time.

  • Actionable: Identify specific points of improvement in leadership and the organization.

  • Non-Intrusive: No need to bother employees with excessive surveys.

  • Unbiased: Never see individual data, only anonymous metrics and insights by team or department.

Get real-time insights to empower happier, more productive teams.

What leaders say about Erudit

“Tracking burnout risk is huge for companies whose big problem is employee turnover.”

“It is important to measure employee engagement and satisfaction in an accurate and objective way.”

“It would be helpful to keep tracking turnover risk to allow us to react quickly and on time.”

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