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Our Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked

How do you manage data confidentiality?

Erudit security program protects your organization and your data at all levels. Erudit AI only uses your name and work email address, and this data is 100% safe.

How are my personal details being used?

Erudit AI only uses your work email address and name. Our AI processes internal communication channels only therefore Erudit AI only uses your work email and name as reference for your own account.

How is my company’s information saved?

There is no human interaction with the company’s data. Our Neural Networks process the data generating the outputs of the metrics, without storing it. The data is backed and protected by Amazon Web Services, following the GDPR, SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance. Erudit AI does not save any of your personal or your company’s information as it follows the GDPR.

How difficult is it to get set up? How long does it take?

It just takes a few minutes. After creating an Erudit account, you may add extra users to the platform and connect your communication platforms. Erudit automatically recovers the employee accounts present in those platforms so you only have to decide where to start with the metric generation. We have simplified the process by giving you the detailed steps you must follow when connecting the platforms. Once you have done these first steps, you are ready to start your journey!

What metrics will I see from my employees?

The metrics analyzed are engagement level, burnout risk and frictions level.

How reliable is the information shown in the platform?

Each outcome calculated by the Neural Network comes with a reliability score that is determined based on the quantity and quality of data available for the given time period. This reliability score is shown in the platform charts under the name of confidence level, which can be low, medium or high.

How are our metrics generated?

Erudit’s team of psychologists has previously described each metric and their risk levels from 0 to 5, describing each one concisely based on Cantor's set theory. We have used anonymous and unbiased public data from forums, social networks and others to label thousands of words by assigning a risk level of each metric.

What do we understand by burnout risk?

We understand as burnout the symptoms that employees present when they are not motivated to achieve their goals. They may feel like they are not good at their job, or consider that they have an excessively heavy workload, among others. Our psychology team has been inspired by several authors (Maslach and Jackson, 1981; Beatrice, 2020).

What do we understand by engagement level?

We understand as engagement the commitment that an employee shows to their work, the motivation they present when carrying out their tasks and how much they try to perform them correctly. It also reflects the capacity to go past their demands when doing their job. Our psychology team has been inspired by the Romero-Espínola and Palacini (2020) definition of engagement.

What do we understand by frictions?

We understand that frictions occur when there are disagreements on opinions or interests between two or more parties. These discrepancies usually affect the company's environment in a negative way and they can occur at different levels. Our psychology team considers that this metric is useful to prevent burnout and increase engagement.