Erudit AI is the tool HR leaders use to have a better understanding of their team, increasing engagement, employee's growth and help team members work more productively.

AI powered people analytics tool to drive impactful decisions

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Why use erudit?

📈 Erudit AI will provide you the most important metrics that can help you identify areas that need extra attention or improvement, identifying where your time and resources are most valuable.

👩‍💻 Reduce costs avoiding burnout and enhancing engagement.

📍 Transform your daily data into actionable people insights impacting employee wellbeing and engagement.
Pinpoint the needs of your people and organization.

🚀 Impact your organizations business outcomes.
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AI / Psychology

Team day-to-day conversations transformed into actionable data.

Rooted in Psychology and Semantic Theory of Language, Erudit's expert research team collaborated with top developers to bring you a powerful analysis of your workforce.

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Get to know the reasons behind the metrics

Know your team's true feelings, needs and goals through the "topics" provided by Erudit AI.

By topics, we refer to the most common subjects among your employees that are related to the metrics.
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Erudit AI provides a powerful dashboard with all your real time data.

Reports and visual data to know your employees' performance.


What are other professionals saying about us?

Andres Dancausa

Fund Partner EMEA of The Venture City

“The Human Resources Management in big companies is broken. Erudit, based on AI, has the power to improve the employees’ quality of life which is becoming a top priority for those companies that want to innovate in their industries”

Roberto Gomez Quirós

Startup Programs Manager of Elewit,
Grupo Red Eléctrica de España

“We believe that Erudit can provide our HR team the ability to identify potential frictions between departments. In addition, it enables them to work at a preventive level, so that employees themselves are aware of when they are reaching negative stress levels before it happens.”


Erudit AI App connectors simplify the process of integrating the communication tools to your company.

Our Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked

How do you manage data confidentiality?

Erudit security program protects your organization and your data at all levels. Erudit AI only uses your name and work email address, and this data is 100% safe.

How are my personal details being used?

Erudit AI only uses your work email address and name. Our AI processes internal communication channels only therefore Erudit AI only uses your work email and name as reference for your own account.

How is my company’s information saved?

There is no human interaction with the company’s data. Our Neural Networks process the data generating the outputs of the metrics, without storing it. The data is backed and protected by Amazon Web Services, following the GDPR, SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance. Erudit AI does not save any of your personal or your company’s information as it follows the GDPR.

How difficult is it to get set up? How long does it take?

It just takes a few minutes. After creating an Erudit account, you may add extra users to the platform and connect your communication platforms. Erudit automatically recovers the employee accounts present in those platforms so you only have to decide where to start with the metric generation. We have simplified the process by giving you the detailed steps you must follow when connecting the platforms. Once you have done these first steps, you are ready to start your journey!

What metrics will I see from my employees?

The metrics analyzed are engagement level, burnout risk and frictions level.