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HR Reports and Analytics

Identify and measure real time insights across all
individuals and departments.

Engagement level
Risk burnout
Frictions between employees
Communication quality
Real time insights
Overview report

Overview Report

The overview report shows the pending alerts of the previous day as well as the employees and departments that you are following.

Keep up to date with the activity of your company, you will have daily updates that will inform you of the evolution of your employees, discover quickly if there is any friction, if the engagement has dropped or there is someone at risk of burnout.

You can also follow up on new employees or employees who have been through a bad time, to help them take off.

Employees Report

Get actionable insights about their wellbeing, such as their burnout risk, engagement level or frictions between colleagues.

Generate personalized reports that will allow you to take actions to improve your companies' wellbeing, engagement and productivity.

Department Report

Create departments and see what is their wellbeing, the communication quality or the alignment between them.

Share the reports with the different departments and take decisions jointly to impact your organization business outcomes. Build trust and collaboration in your organizational.

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Know your team's true feelings, needs and goals through the "topics" provided by Erudit AI.

By topics we refer to those subjects that are most common among your employees related to their burnout, engagement and frictions' metrics.


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