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Learn about analytics that let you design initiatives based on the true needs of your people.

Leave surveys behind

Erudit gives you all the insights of traditional employee surveys, without having to run a poll. Save everyone the time and trouble while staying in tune with the pulse of your workforce. How much effort went into increasing survey response rates? Strike that from your to-do list with Erudit!

A dashboard showing the workforce affinity dimensions of a company, example: Autonomy -72% and Strategy 10%
A dashboard showing the trends and changes of engagement, burnout risk and turnover risk of a company

Go beyond gut feel

Erudit measures how your workforce is doing every day and makes these metrics available to you any time. This allows you to visualize how events are affecting employees and even detect trends. Do you feel like the announcement of a board member’s retirement last Tuesday had no impact? Check to see how each department took the news!

Focus your efforts

Every workforce and each team is unique. Erudit deepens your understanding of each department and pinpoints each group’s needs and motivations. Is tax season extra taxing for Finance or do they seem more relaxed this year? Compare the metrics and zoom into each team to learn more.

A dashboard showing the comparison of departments based on their engagement, burnout risk and turnover risk
A dashboard showing topics that concern employees and explain the reasons behind the employees' metrics

Deepen understanding

Erudit’s anonymized topics lets you dig into the reasons behind the metrics so you can provide adequate and appropriate support. What issues contributed to the spike in burnout risk for the Operations department? What led to the surge in engagement for HR? No need to survey. Just check the topics!

Build empathy and trust

We go to great lengths to ensure anonymity and reduce bias in our analytics so you can focus on understanding your employees and addressing their needs. Did Engineering’s stressed profile increase? Send the team leader their stats and encourage managers to adjust according to their department’s profile breakdown.

A dashboard showing the different employee profiles: committed, stressed, relaxed, discouraged, etc.

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