AI that empowers a happier workforce

We’re on a mission to promote a people-first work culture that is driven by data and transparency.

The principles that guide how we work and develop our AI

Let human kindness shine.

Science reveals that happiness thrives in kindness and empathy. Let this element of humanity shine through. Support the joy and success of others.

Listen to others, silence the ego.

Every perspective is worth a listen to gain insights and forge an inclusive path forward. Fight the urge to take things personally.

Seek clarity and prioritize transparency.

Prioritize truth and clarity, even with difficult news and especially when it affects the success of others. Do not hide important information. Trust that honest data leads to better decisions.

Let data lead the way.

Seek out data to make informed decisions, especially data that counters personal opinion. Explore new data, experiences, and ideas for better understanding.

Grow with every setback.

Accept failure as part of the growth process. A curious, resilient, and disruptive spirit drives us to build new paths to our goals.

Dare to think differently.

Do not afraid to challenge common norms or each other's opinions. Erudit is a safe space to share ideas. We listen, clarify, and make an effort to understand one another.

Erudit team enjoying their time together in the team-building

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