Erudit is on a mission.

We work to empower leaders with better, more reliable people data and analytics for better decisions and collective success.

Our principles guide how we work.

Data leads the why.

We are inquisitive and seek to understand the reasons behind ideas and actions through data and analysis. These learnings inform our decisions and determine our way forward.

Trust the group, silence your ego.

We trust in each member of the team’s desire to improve Erudit. So even when it might affect us individually or as a department, we try our best to not take things personally.

Honest and realistic is better than ambiguous and nice.

We prioritize truth and clarity, even with difficult news and especially when it affect&nd success of others. We do not obscure important information because honest data leads to better decisions.

Be generous and promote others’ growth.

We support each other and help our peers shine. The success of each member of Erudit is the success of the entire team.

Reflect on opportunities in every setback.

We are resilient. If we fail, we learn and find solutions. Our curious and disruptive spirit drives us to create new paths to our goals.

Dare to oppose the common opinion.

We are not afraid to challenge common norms. Erudit is a safe space to share ideas. We listen, clarify, and make an effort to understand one another.

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