What is Erudit

What makes Erudit AI unique?

Erudit AI is a natural evolution in People Analytics, taking advantage of AI’s maturity applied to voice and text, to put language as the main source of data for the organization. In 2020 the quantity of voice and text generated by organizations through communication suites (Teams, Zoom, Slack, Outlook, Gmail...) increased 315%, becoming the central source of data in volume in corporations.

Taking advantage of this information to release the potential of an organization’s language as a vector of human resources management will become a historical benefit for those organizations who bet on it, giving them a clear advantage in talent acquisition and retention, engagement and productivity levels, and decreasing burnouts, work leaves, absenteesm, internal conflicts, inequality cases, abuses, etc.

Main data sources for People Analytics are currently:

  • Administrative data
  • Surveys
  • Usage data from internal tools

‍Main source of information proposed by Erudit AI:

  • Written and spoken language generated in the use of internal communication tools during work performance activities.


  • Action time: Erudit AI offers personalized data and insights from the first moment, thanks to the fact that it works both with information stored in the company’s communication suite, and the one generated on real time. We provide access to historical insights, and from the first day you will get data and patterns in your organization.
  • Objectivity: The Erudit AI data source is unbiased, except for the feeling of being observed, a factor that along with many others, current data sources already have. Erudit AI data do not respond to an opinion, but are extracted from daily professional activity. On the other hand, data creation and compilation is continuous, at least daily, so they do not correspond to specific temporary states but to a more real and general vision of each individual, group and company along time.
  • Without human intervention: our data source comes from Erudit's own pre-implementation professional activity, so the cost in terms of time invested in actions by company’s staff to generate the data that feeds our solution is equal to Zero.
  • Predictive: our data source has enough daily flow to be able to make predictions and predictive models, which allows us to inform about future trends for different metrics. Being able to rely on a personalized historic record of each company allows us to offer these predictive models with enough confidence from the first day of implementation.

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