AI-powered People Analytics for better, smarter Employee Management

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Track your company’s Turnover Risk, Burnout Risk, Engagement Levels and more with this advanced, new software.

Plug into cutting-edge tech that empowers business leaders.

  • Guaranteed data privacy & protection

  • Easy connection of  communication tools

  • Backed by Data Scientists, Psychologists, & Tech+AI Experts

Our team of passionate psychologists, data scientists, and tech experts developed a platform that maximizes your organic data (from Google Workspace, Slack, etc.) to help you reduce burnout, increase engagement, and improve employee retention.

Say bye to biased surveys! Get the authentic, real-time sentiment of your workforce so you can make data-driven business decisions for the long-term success of both your company and your employees.

Sven Bannuscher

Erudit allows you to identify what your team's concerns are, so you can take action

Sven Bannuscher | VP Business Operations, Activate

David Olson

During the pandemic, the workforce is very disconnected. You don't have the collaboration you had before. Erudit allows you to know and understand your employees’ wellbeing.

David Olson | Senior Global Client Partner, Globant

Laury Hales

Erudit gives really great insights and is really helpful, more than surveys.

Laury Hales | Managing Director, Decypher

David Maren

Erudit allows high-level executives to stay close to their people and understand their concerns in a real way–not in a survey-way.

David Maren | Managing Director, Kin and Carta

Testimony 5

This tool protects employees’ privacy while gaining insights about what is concerning our employees.

Testimony 6

It definitely has a significant return for the business. You retain key employees, you reduce attrition, and you create a better image of the company.

Testimony 7

It is amazing to be able to use AI to understand which employees are most likely to quit and the factors that may help stop that.