1. Configure your platforms

Next step is to configure the corporate platforms, currently we only have Google and Slack available but very soon you will be able to enjoy many more such as Zoom or Teams.


Click on the Get my Token button, it will redirect you to the slack consent screen.You need to sign in as a slack administrator.

2. Configure your users

When you’re finished, you need to configure the users, you can do that manually ( < > ) or by selecting the auto-sync option (  ).We recommend the auto-sync option because it’s faster and you can always customize the results.

If you want to deactivate one of them, just click on the green check.For every user, you will see:


Green: New user from a previous synchronization.
Gray: Same user from a previous synchronization.
Red: Deleted user from a previous synchronization.Platforms: the connected/not connected platforms.Active/Inactive: tracking status.