Workforce Diversity: A key to improve business performance

Workforce Diversity: A key to improve business performance

Cristina Pérez

February 24, 2021

March 10, 2021
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Diversity in the workplace improves human relationships between employees and encourages creativity in the workplace. Organizations are ecosystems that should provide different benefits to their employees, such as offering a work environment with cultural diversity. This implies to have people of different cultures, genders, races, tastes, professional skills, among others. Do you want to know the 4 main effects workforce diversity has on business performance? Keep reading!

1. Allows to gain a broader perspective  

Having a diverse workforce with people from different communities and cultures, with a wide range of interests and ideas, will be the best way to gain a broader perspective in the organization.

Many companies are not aware of the broader perspective that brings in a diversity workforce. They don’t realize it and that is why it is necessary to improve the diversity policies of the organizations. When managers assign employees to different projects, they should take into consideration the diversity of all the members, since they may be able to enrich the team. A study made by Gartner stated that by 2022, the 75% of organizations that adopt inclusive practices and strategies to promote a diverse culture will exceed their financial targets.

2. Promotes creativity

Companies should realize that when they have a team formed by people with similar perspectives and points of view, they will not reach new conclusions. On the other hand, when having cultural diversity, the members of an organization usually have different preferences, interests and points of view. This will allow teams to reach conclusions that differ from the common ones.

It is important to take this into account when managing the company and doing business operations, since it improves creativity and more interesting suggestions or ideas may come up.

3. Increases productivity in your organization

Diversity brings in different points of view and talents together towards a common objective of the company, but using different approaches or proposals. The diverse people are able to bring fresh ideas to the different projects of an organization.

The same Gartner study mentioned above, suggests that the average employee productivity is 12% higher in diverse organizations than in non-diverse ones.

4. Improves your organizational culture

One of the main effects is that it promotes the organizational culture. As we have previously said, having a workforce diversity allows you to have different perspectives and points of view. This will lead to a positive work environment at your workplace.

It allows you to learn about other cultures and ethnicities from colleagues that come from different countries and backgrounds. To be able to learn from their personal experiences, increases employee engagement as well as employee motivation.

To conclude, including diversity in the workplace could be an excellent way to increase the productivity of your employees and reduce the cost of your company. We recommend you to find the best way to implement different policies related to diversity. Before doing that, it is necessary to know the different types of cultures presented in your organization, in order to recognize them and define how the policies could be implemented.

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