Best Burnout Recovery Strategies

Best Burnout Recovery Strategies

Cristina Pérez

February 11, 2021

March 10, 2021

In previous posts we have defined what is burnout and the estimated cost of employee burnout. In this post, we will explain in a summarized way the burnout recovery strategies that an organization should follow to reduce and fight job burnout.

How can I help an employee suffering from burnout?

When we notice that some of our employees are suffering from burnout syndrome, we should start by helping that person. At an individual level you can offer personal resources to reduce these sources of stress. Some of these resources may be:

  • Encourage feedback on how the behaviors of others are perceived, understood and experienced. That is, how we interpret information received from others.
  • Try to reduce feelings of loneliness, integrating the employee into the team and promoting the company culture.
  • Train the employee with physiological deactivation techniques. For example, with relaxation techniques, such as Jacobson's technique, to reduce the physiological activation that produces stress.

What are some burnout recovery strategies I can follow at the team level?

  • Encourage team collaboration. This way, the employees who are more collaborative will help to manage the stress to other employees who may be feeling burnout symptoms.
  • Real situations of stress can be exposed to the whole team, situations that have been experienced and thus together devise strategies to deal with these situations and know what to do or how to respond when a similar situation happens.
  • Work to achieve an effective development of the group to be able to deal with these stressful situations through group sessions.What are some burnout recovery strategies I can follow at a team level?

What can I improve at the organizational level?

When we are aware that it is an organizational problem, that it is a problem that is not part of the employees, we must take action on the part of the company. Actions to reduce the stress that can be generated at certain times, for example:

  • Implement burnout prevention program. To make an approach for problem solving and renewal of organizational culture.
  • Carry out collaboration programs in the team, emotional intelligence and creativity in the search for solutions to the problems we may find.

What else can I do as a manager in favor of the burnout recovery?

Other actions that will reduce burnout and chronic stress in our employees can be:

  • Restructure your workforce's tasks.
  • Establish clear roles and objectives.
  • Make it easier for people to change activities.
  • Encourage work flexibility.
  • Increase responsibilities, decision making and autonomy of employees.

These are some of the measures that we can take as managers if we are seeing, or are aware of, burnout symptoms in our employees. These techniques can be taken both at the individual or team, as well as for prevention at the organizational level.