Our mission

To promote a people-first work culture that is driven by data and transparency.

Our values

We use kindness and empathy to foster an inclusive workplace.

We embrace clarity and transparency from the top down.

We make data-informed decisions.

We believe failure is part of the growth process.

We disrupt the status quo.

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About People-first AI

People come first. Developing AI technology comes with immense responsibility. Erudit ensures ethical practices across the organization, from research and development to client solutions. Built on the premise that AI can enable humans rather than replace them, Erudit goes the extra mile to ensure our technology matches the mission.

Ethical AI

We’re part of the growing community advocating for ethical and responsible AI development to benefit humanity. We are dedicated to learning from leading organizations and academics to continue to nurture our voice in the AI discussion.

Prioritizing privacy and security

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and security to protect both your data, and your employees' privacy. To this end we use sophisticated software to monitor our systems constantly, and have engaged an external auditor as part of the process of obtaining SOC II certification.

Upholding our pledge

We joined leading researchers from around the world in a pledge to create AI used for good.

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What people leaders are saying about Erudit:

If there’s a real significant problem at hand, you want to intervene as soon as possible. I think senior people leaders would be able to look and understand what they are dealing with, especially using data related to profitability and others.

Jen Rutsky | Employee Experience Manager at Hearsay Systems

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