A startup is born

Alejandro and Ricardo, the Erudit founders, knew that Artificial Intelligence in voice and text was mature enough to develop a differential value proposition SaaS.

Erudit AI is the result of their startlingly ambitious plan to give people managers the technology to measure objectively the impact of their strategies. At the end, they are the ones that have their companies' most important assets in their hands: their people!

By allowing machine learning agents work on staggering amounts of real-world data to seek deep and previously invisible patterns, Erudit is able to predict outcomes and suggest strategies that tackle important talent issues for both remote and on-site operations.

Before us, people analytics was everything but people-centered. It was time to change that!

Our mission

Erudit has a team of passionate psychologists and AI experts leading humanization in the workplace. Its mission is to empower personalized wellbeing and engagement in high performing human teams. It is driven to fulfill the human needs essential for optimal mental health, productivity and performance. Its main objective is to deliver remarkable people and business outcomes so that companies can improve their organizational culture.

New thinking

Erudit AI was created to be a great place for employees to work, learn, explore and grow as professionals. Erudit has a diverse and multidisciplinary team of AI experts, passionate psychologists and data scientists, product designers, software engineers and founders with international business development experience. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive diversity company culture that welcomes different perspectives and visions that contribute to the development of the leading AI solution of tomorrow.

Our values

People First and Human Centric
We are a people company that creates innovative technology for the people and we lead with example.
We believe in technology as a core strenghth in our work and personal lives.
Mindfulness & Positive Impacts
We encourage our people to foster self care, creativity and wellness.
We are experts in our fields, we are passionate about what we do and we love to keep learning.
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Some of the people you'll be working with

Our quirky and smart team of data scientists, psychologists, engineers, designers and software nerds have researched, calculated, coded, designed and built the Neural Networks to provide meaningful people-centered information.

Alan Buscaglia

Software Architect & Lead Frontend Engineer

Alejandro Bailo

Frontend Engineer

Alejandro Martínez

CEO & CoFounder

Anna Dieguez

Business Development

Claudia García

Data Scientist | Psychologist

Cristina Pérez

Data Scientist | Psychologist

Mafalda Cardoso-Botelho

Data Scientist | Psychologist

Pablo Gil


Ramón Prado

Senior Backend Engineer

Ricardo Michel Reyes

CTO & CoFounder

Samuel Fernández

Senior Backend Engineer

Sara Romero

Software Architect & Lead Backend Engineer